Last Updated: July 22, 2022

RoleForm SectionDescription
Site SupervisorRequest DetailsUse the PO Number field to filter the material.
List of MaterialsAdd the materials to the table that are subject to return. Include the task and item’s name, as well as the quantity and the reason for the return.
Warehouse SupervisorApprovalContains the name of the Warehouse Supervisor and additional Remarks about the material return.

Creating a Material Return Request
Site Supervisors can send unused materials back to the warehouse which could lead to accurate reporting of actual project consumption. Materials released to the site that failed the needed specification could also be returned through this module.
Head to Site Materials module (Project Dashboard > Sidebar > Site Materials) and select Materials Return.

On the Materials Releasing summary page, click on Create Ticket.
Select under which Task Category the materials are from.
Under the List of Materials form section, click on the plus sign to add a material for return.

Materials Return List of Materials form section
Fill out the details such as the name of the Task and Material, as well as the quantity being returned and the reason for the return. Click the check button above to add the material to the table. Add as many as necessary.
Once done, click on Submit Ticket.

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