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Materials Request: Creating a Material Request

Last Updated: August 30, 2023

Requesting Materials for the Project

Before proceeding with the creation of a request, below is an outline of the materials request form that provides a clear overview for users. This form includes a brief description to guide you through the process:

Materials Request Form Outline

UserForm SectionDescription
Site Supervisor/Project ManagerMaterials Request DetailsUse the fields to filter the tasks where the material/s is needed on the site from Task Group down to the Task Name level.
Project Task MaterialThis section pulls data from the Project Materials Master record. Then, select and enter the quantity of materials that are needed for the site.
Warehouse SupervisorWarehouse ApprovalBased on the inventory stock, enter how many of the requested quantity are for purchasing and for releasing.

Make sure that the proper form access settings are enabled to each user. You can check and edit the form’s Access Settings.


To begin creating a request, follow these outlined steps:

Head to Site Materials module (Project Dashboard > Sidebar > Site Materials) and select Materials Request.

Fig. 1: Site Materials Module
On the Materials Request summary page, click on Create Ticket. This will open the Materials Request form.

Fig. 2: Site Materials Summary Page
On the Materials Request form, you may fill out the fields in the Material Request Details section to filter the task where the materials are needed. Then, click Search under the Project Task Material section to jump to the material/s that you need to request.

Fig. 3: Site Materials Request Form
Otherwise, you can leave the Material Request Details section and directly go to the Project Task Material section.

You can select Load More to show more materials in the list, or Load and Select All to automatically select all materials available in the form.

Tick the checkbox beside the material and enter the quantity that you need to request.
Once done, click on Submit Ticket to create the request.

Fig. 4: Materials Request Form

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Updated on: 11/10/2023

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