Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Approving a Purchase Request

Once the Purchase Order has been created and generated, the details of the PO will have to be encoded back on Steer. This information will help the warehouse keep track of the pending deliveries from the Suppliers.

On the Steer dashboard, purchase order for PO Encoding under Tasks. Click the Purchase Request item.

PO Details Encoding view from the Dashboard

Go to the PO Details section of the form and fill in the following fields for each material:
VendorChoose the vendor from the list. If the desired vendor does not appear in the dropdown, add the vendor to the Vendor record.
PO NumberInput the material’s PO number generated outside of Steer.
PO Unit CostSet the material cost per unit
Delivery DateSet the material’s date of delivery.

PO Details form section
Once done, click Approve.

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