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Inventory Stock Count: Checking the Stock Count

Last Updated: September 1, 2023

Approving a Stock Count Request

The Site Supervisor reviews the stock count conducted by the Warehouse. They check if any count variance occurs and address them immediately.


To check a stock count variance, follow the outlined steps::

On the Steer dashboard, Stock Count for approval will show under Tasks. Click on the Stock Count item.

Fig. 1: Stock Count Approver View from the Dashboard
On the Stock Count form, the variance is automatically computed. If any variance occurs, the records Project Materials Master, Work Order Material, and Inventory Master can be consulted to determine in which stage of the process the variance occurred.

If the variance shows 0, it means that the warehouse stock is on track.
If the variance shows a positive integer, it means that the warehouse stock has more than the previous allocated count.
If the variance shows a negative integer, it means that the warehouse stock has less than the previous allocated count.
Fig. 2: Stock Count Approver Form
Add any additional Remarks, if any and approve the ticket.

Once approved:

The quantity listed in the form's Stock field will update the item's stock in the Inventory Master.
The ticket information will be recorded in the Inventory Transaction Record.

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Updated on: 01/09/2023

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