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The requested materials can be released on-site fully or partially with the following conditions:
Full Releasing: If all requested materials are already available in the inventory, or if all requested materials went through Purchase Requesting and all passed through the material inspection, then the Warehouse Supervisor can issue a full release of materials.
Partial Releasing: If all or some materials are unavailable in the inventory, the Warehouse Supervisor can issue a partial release of available materials in the inventory to the site and separately tag the remaining requested materials as for purchase.

RoleForm SectionDescription
Warehouse SupervisorRequest DetailsUse this section to filter the materials by Task Group, Task Category, and Task Name fields.
Materials ListThis section pulls items that have a value of greater than 0 in the For Releasing Quantity field from the Work Order Materials record.
ConfirmationContains the name of the person releasing the materials and their e-signature.

How to Log Released Materials to the Site

Head to the Site Materials module (Project Sidebar > Site Materials) and select Materials Releasing.

On the Materials Releasing summary page, click on Create Ticket.
On the Materials Releasing form, filter the materials by Task Group, Task Category, and Task Name. Then, click Search to jump to the material/s needed for the request.

Click the material available for releasing and update the Released Quantity field depending on the number of materials needed to release to the site.

Enter the Quantity of materials released.

Confirm the release by filling out the Received by field and signing the form.

Once done, click the Submit Ticket.

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