Last Updated: June 9, 2022

UserForm SectionDescription
Warehouse StaffHeaderAllows for specific inventory item search.
Inventory Count DetailsInput the current Stock Count from the Inventory Master Record and the actual count.
Site Supervisor / Project ManagerApprovalContains the name of the Site Supervisor and additional Remarks about the material return.

Conducting a Stock Count
The Warehouse Staff goes to the warehouse and conducts an inventory stock count for each item.

Head to Site Materials module (Project Dashboard > Sidebar > Site Materials) and select Inventory Stock Count.
On the Stock Count summary page, click on Create Ticket. This will open the Inventory Stock Count form.

Stock Count form
You may search for an inventory item to count by typing its name on the Item Name field and clicking on Search beside Inventory Details.
You can also perform a regular stock counting of each material by going through them one by one.
For each material, count the number of stock available in the inventory and enter the number to the Count field. Its variance automatically computes and determines if there is any count variance from the previous stock count.

Stock Count form variance computation

Once all inventory items are counted, click on Submit Ticket to send the stock count report to the Site Supervisor.

Next step: Checking the Stock Count
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