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How to Create Budget Estimates
Actor: Finance
In this step of the Change Order process, the request is routed to Finance where they will evaluate the potential cost of the entire change order from materials to labor. They can upload the Budget Proposal document, which can be reviewed by the client in case

To create a ticket, go to Projects located on the sidebar and select the project where you would like to submit a Change Order request.

On the Project page, head to the sidebar once again and click on Design Management under Solutions.

Under the expanded list, select Change Order.
Select the Change Order workflow and click on the Workboard tab.
Select Budget Checking under the Task Lists panel.

Under the Billable Amount section, the form auto-computes the estimated cost of the change order as well as the total difference to the allocated budget. Tick the radio button if the total cost is either within or over the budget.

Enter the total billable amount for the change order. (Only numbers are accepted in the Billable Amount field.)
You may add a file of the Budget Proposal or similar document that contains the breakdown of the change order cost. Include Finance Remarks if any additional details are needed. Then, Approve the request.
If the total cost is over the budget, the client (or any additional required signatories) will need to sign on the form and advance to the Client Approval step, in any case that the cost impact needs to be carefully reviewed.
If the total cost is within budget, the Change Order request will push through and will write to Steer as a new task.

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