Last Updated: February 18, 2022

How to Create a Clarification Request
User: Requestor
To create a design clarification, go to the project where you want to file the request.

On the Project dashboard, go to the sidebar and select Design Plan.

Select the drawing or the floor layout where you want to request for design clarification.

Click on Design Clarification tab.

Then, click on the ticket tool and pin on the drawing where you want to request for design clarification.

Once you click on the drawing, a form will pop up with the following fields:

Name of Requester (auto-populated by account logged in)
Request Date (auto-populated based on current date)
Drawing Name: (auto-populated based on the selected drawing)
Item for Clarification: A detailed query about the clarification request.
Attachment: A photo of the item or documentation of the clarification item, if necessary.

Write the item that needs to be clarified in the textbox field. You can also opt to add an attachment to add context.

Once you are done, click on Submit Ticket. Your request will then be routed to the designer to be answered.
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