Last Updated: February 14, 2022

Design Management


The Design Management Solution carries out all processes from creating and updating the project design plans. This covers the addition of new tasks to address the clarification of materials on site and change orders during the construction of a project.

Solution Structure
1. Change Order
The Change Order workflow allows you to file change order requests to address any alterations or modifications to the original build plan. This may happen due to different reasons, such as switching to a different brand or a change in a specific design plan in an ongoing project. This workflow is designed with these particular users in mind: Requestor, Evaluator, Finance, and the Client. The entire workflow process covers the inspection of the site or materials and budget estimates addressed by the CO request. Prior to the approval of the CO request, the client will have to approve the proposal on Steer.

Workflow Procedure:
A Change Order request is filed when a material from the original plan needs to be replaced. Once the Requestor receives change order request from the client, they file the request into the Change Order workflow on Steer. The request will be reviewed by the Scheduler regarding the initial risk assessment and schedule impact. The materials in question shall be accounted by Finance to create an estimated cost of the change order request, which shall be reviewed by the client.

Once a Change Order request has been approved, the request will be listed into the Task record and queued for task assignment.

Usage: Submitting a Change Order request
Usage: Work Estimation
Usage: Budget Checking
Usage: Client Approval

2. Design Clarification

Workflow Procedure:
The Design Clarification allows users to remark and clarify any project design from the as build plan. Users can use the Design Clarification workflow to submit a form to verify any inconsistency or ambiguity to the project design as planned or to material specifications.

Users can submit a request via normal ticket submission on the Steer Dashboard or via the Design Plan module. In this process, the user simply identifies a particular design or materials that needs to be verified before the project task starts. A query submitted using the Design Clarification form is submitted on Steer. Then, the Project Manager or Supervisor may address the issue once it appears on Task Details and Task List forms.

Once the clarification query is submitted, it will be added into the Task form and tagged as Design Clarification under Origin.
The Design Clarification ticked adds the query into the Task record as a new task item, to be verified by the Project Manager or Supervisor via the Task Details and Task List workflow.

Usage: Submitting a Design Clarification form
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