Last Updated: May 13, 2022

How to Submit a Change Order Request
User: Requestor / Developer
Developers can easily request a Change Order on Steer. Some prerequisites include: required documents about the specifics of the request such as drawings and a detailed description of the request. You can do this by doing the following:

To create a ticket, go to Projects located on the sidebar and select the project where you would like to submit a Change Order request.

On the Project page, head to the sidebar once again and click on Design Management under Solutions.

Under the expanded list, select Change Order.

On the Change Order workflow, click on Create Ticket to open the form.
Create a Subject for your request (ex. Change order for material 1).
On the Project and Change Order Details section fill out the following fields:

Change Order Date: Change order request submission date
Initiator: The person submitting the Change Order request
Reason for Change Order: Select the reason for the CO request.
Short description of change order: Write the specific details of the change order request.

Add a document containing the details of the change order by clicking the plus (+) button under Attachments for Change Order form section.
Once done, click on Submit Ticket.

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