Last Updated: July 28, 2021

To view Workflow Details, expand a Solution or Unassigned folder from the left side of the Steer dashboard and click on the Workflows tab. Click on the the workflow name with dropdown that first appears on the page. From there, you will see the list of Published workflows and workflows that were saved as Draft. Then select the workflow you want to view details from.

For users that were not assigned as process viewers, this will give you an overview of the workflow's following details:

1. Information such as Description, Creator, Date Published, Category, Direct Link
2. Tabs to access the Workflow Owner and Members
3. Options for bookmarking the workflow app and viewing the workflow details. Expanding the grid icon on the right displays the Export option.
4. Basic analytics about the workflow such as: Approval Status Summary, Average Cycle Time per Ticket (Case), Average Cycle Time per Lane

If you are a Workflow Owner or viewer, this will give you an access to the following:

Actions such as Bookmark Workflow, Edit Access Settings and Workflow Details. Expanding the grid icon on the right displays the Export option and Save as New Workflow,
Task Board and Workboards

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