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Default and System Form Elements

Last Updated: May 25, 2022

The Toolbox is composed of two types of form elements (Default and System) where you can choose from to design your form. These elements are what we use to drag inside a column to configure their properties.

Default Elements

Form Builder Default Elements

Steer currently has 14 default elements. These elements come with different configuration properties.

Text Field: A text field is where a user can enter and edit data input such as Text, Number, Date, Time and Email.
Text Area: A text area allows you to enter a large text input, and can be break into multiple lines of text.
File Upload: Lets you upload different types of files and documents up to 25 mb file size.
Dropdown: This allows the user to create options for the field. It also has the Use External Dataset function that allows you to choose a value from the list of datasets, and Use in Expression Builder function to add a value in a field which can be configured in the Label element for the Formula Builder. It also has a Multiselect function that allows a user to select multiple choices.
Radio Button: This element has the same configuration properties as the Dropdown, except for the Multiselect function.
CheckBox: Contains options that are marked with (✔) check symbol when selected. This element is often used for Yes - No options.
Label: This element provides a short description in your form. It becomes associated with the Text Field, Dropdown, and Radio Button when you allow the Use in Expression Builder function.
Scanner: Lets you scan a Barcode and QR Code.
Signature: While your process might be digital and automated, your business process might still require you to have a paper form for audit purposes that includes signatures.
Geolocation: Fetches the current location of the user's mobile device.
Search/Filter: Allows you to search and filter data entries in the form.
Cascading: It will show data based on the previous data entry.
NFC: Allows the exchange of data between two devices.
Currency: Allows the inclusion of currency symbols in numbers.

System Elements

System form elements take information which already exists in the system. Unlike the default elements, all the system elements have the same configuration properties (Field ID and Place Holder) which are already defined. Once these tools are used, the corresponding data needed for the column will come from your account and will be automatically filled-up in the form. Take note that using these elements will leave the fields in your form uneditable.

Steer has six System Elements:

Full Name
Phone Number `
System Date
User List
System Time

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Updated on: 25/05/2022

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