Last Updated: February 09, 2021

When you create a form from scratch, you will be directed to a blank form builder. To start designing your form, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Begin by adding columns when you click on the (+) plus button.
Step 2: Select and drag the elements of your choice from the toolbox inside the columns. You can use elements from both Default and System elements.
Step 3: Click each column with elements inside to configure their properties:


Field ID: Serves as the unique identifier of the column.
Place Holder: This is what appears to be the display name of the columns.
Other options: Such as input types for text fields, options for drop downs, radio buttons, or check boxes.

ⓘ NOTE: Do not use spaces for the Form ID as this is a unique field, and is used by the system to refer to the content of the field.

For more and advanced features, you can also do the following actions below:

1: You can add sections with new sets of columns and rows. You will find the Add Section button at the bottom of the last section in your form.
2: You can Duplicate, Move or Delete any of the existing sections in your form.
3: You can add Rows and Grids such as table/data grid, reference table and process table when you expand the (˅) down arrowhead at the bottom of a section.
4: You can add Header and Footer for more descriptive information in your form.

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