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Create a Form from Scratch

Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Create a Form from Scratch

When you create a form from scratch, you will be directed to a blank form builder. In this case, creating a form from scratch entails that you are creating a Form and a Workflow that is unique to your organization. Otherwise, you might want to use and install a Solution Template with predefined forms and processes.

When you are creating a Form or a Workflow from scratch, prepare and map out all information that will be covered by your Form beforehand. This can help you make your Form building process more effective and straightforward.

To start designing your form, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Begin by adding columns when you click on the (+) plus button.
Step 2: Select and drag the elements of your choice from the toolbox inside the columns. You can use elements from both Default and System elements.
Step 3: Click each column with elements inside to configure their properties:


Field ID: Serves as the unique identifier of the column.
Place Holder: This is what appears to be the display name of the columns.
Other options: Such as input types for text fields, different component configuration options for Dropdown, Radio Button, or Checkbox elements.

ⓘ NOTE: Do not use spaces for the Form ID as this is a unique field, and is used by the system to refer to the content of the field.

Each organization has their own way of creating a business process so it depends on your organization how you want to plan and build your Form. Add as many rows, input fields, and form sections as necessary in order to achieve an optimized form design.

For more and advanced features, you can also do the following actions below:

1: You can add sections with new sets of columns and rows. You will find the Add Section button at the bottom of the last section in your form.
2: You can Duplicate, Move, or Delete any of the existing sections in your form.
3: You can add Rows and Grids such as table/data grid, reference table and process table when you expand the (˅) down arrowhead at the bottom of a section.
4: You can add Header and Footer for more descriptive information in your form.

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Updated on: 16/12/2021

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