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Steer Site Materials Inventory

Last Updated: September 1, 2023

Site Materials Inventory Management


The Site Inventory Management Solution focuses on handling of materials by tracking and managing the inventory in the warehouse. This solution enables the Warehouse Staff to monitor every inventory transaction that goes in and out of the warehouse, including quantity of inventory on hand and status of the inventory.

This solution involves a workflow, such as the following:
Inventory Stock Count - An independent workflow that aligns the inventory stock number for standard inventory inspection.


1. Stock Count

The Stock Count updates the stock condition and quantity of each material in the inventory. To physically verify the condition and the actual stocks available (and in good condition) in the warehouse, an inventory stock count must be performed. This serves as an audit on whether the physical count matches with stock inventory information stored in Steer records. The resulting count can then be entered into Steer to correct the record if there are discrepancies.

In the Stock Count form, it allows you to search for an inventory item by filling up the Item Name field and clicking Search. You can also perform regular stock counting and then send the stock count report.


During inventory inspections, the Warehouse Staff checks the condition and quantity of each inventory item. They simply log the material and its current quantity to the Stock Count form on Steer. The data in this form updates the quantity of the logged material in the Inventory Master Record.

Once the stock count form is submitted, the system sends the data to the Inventory Transaction Record to log and track each material in its expected quantity based on the stock and actual quantity used in the project. If the difference between expected and actual stock quantity arises, the records Project Materials Master, Work Order Material, and Inventory Master can be consulted to determine in which stage of the process the differences occurred.

Usage: Inventory Stock Count: Conducting a Stock Count
Usage: Inventory Stock Count: Checking the Stock Count


1. Work Order Material

Steer’s construction solution suite provides the data template for all ongoing work orders. This record tracks all materials that are being requested, for purchasing, receiving, and releasing. A line of data about the material will be added to this record per the requested material. Each material is automatically updated by each workflow included in the Site Materials Management Solution from Materials Request to Materials Releasing.

2. Materials Return History

The Materials Return History records all return transaction of materials. These materials may come from material quality checking and overstocking returns.

3. Inventory Transaction

The Steer Inventory Transaction record captures and lists down every update made to the Inventory Master record. This update is triggered when the Warehouse Staff or Inspector logs a new inventory update using the Stock Count form. The Inventory Transaction record logs all variance entries upon each inspection, ensuring that all inventory count is aligned with the BOM. Doing so allows for immediate stock check-ups and project materials assessment.

4. Project Materials Master

Steer’s construction solution suite provides the data template for project-specific materials. It can be used as a database for all materials that are allocated for a specific project and task. This includes information such as actual and planned material quantity that get automatically updated with each request, purchase, and return transaction. This record can be used as a reference for the BOM, keeping your materials aligned with specific projects on the Project Record.

This record functions as a project materials tracker, which can also be updated manually or via case/ticket submissions from inventory transfers or material requests. The Steer Project Materials Master shows how each material is allotted for use across different tasks in all projects, allowing for a better task and material monitoring.

5. Inventory Master

The Steer Inventory Master record lists down all materials in the inventory, including their respective stocks, and vendor information.

6. Vendor Items

The Steer Vendor Items record contains vendor-specific items that can be used as a reference for purchasing the requested materials.

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