Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Users with Builder access can setup a Notification Management. To get started in creating a notification template, expand the sidebar on your dashboard and click on Notification Management.

From the notification management page, click on Add Notification to start creating a notification template. The Notification Configuration wizard will pop-up, prompting you to define the following:

- Notification Medium (Email,In App, SMS)

- Notification Name
- Receiver or the type of user who will receive the notification (Approver, Viewer, Submitter, Custom)
- Subject or title of the message for the content/body of the notification
- Content/body of the notification

Once you are done configuring the notification template, click on Create to save it. You can also view the Status, Name, Mediums, and Receivers of the published notifications. You can also do the following actions in each notification such as Edit, Duplicate, Deactivate, and Delete.

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