Last Updated: August 4, 2021

Group Management lets you create different kinds of groups and can set them as the type of user when designing a workflow and record app. This greatly helps for keeping track of the status of a case that undergoes multi-level approvals. Assigning actors as approvers in a process step can also be assigned to a group.

You can create a group for every department and project, or a group consisting of one person per department in the company. These are just few examples of how to manage a group and the type of members you can add in that group. You can find the Group Management by expanding the sidebar on the Admin dashboard.

From the group management page, click the (+) plus button at the upper left side of your screen to create a new group. Then set the group name and select the members you want to be part of that group.

As for the existing groups, you can add and remove members when you click on Update Member, then tick or untick the checkbox beside their name. Once you are sure that you want to update the group, click on Save. Once your group changes have been saved, any process that has this group will be updated as well.

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