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Reference Table / Lookup Grid

Last Updated: July 19, 2021

A Reference Table or Lookup Grid is a type of table that calls data from the datasets or record tables that you want to use as a reference in your form.​


Before you can configure a reference table, you must have:
an existing dataset or a record table

This dataset or record table will be used to retrieve information to our Reference Table or Lookup Grid.

Let us use the Department Table from the Datasets as an example.



Step 1: Add a column which will serve as the search field. You can use any of the form elements for the base of the column. Let us use the Text Field element for example and drag it inside the column.
Step 2: Provide the details for its configuration properties (Field ID, Placeholder, Input Type).
Step 3: Click on Reference Table.

You will see a gear icon located at the right part of the lookup grid. Click it and configure the following properties:

Lookup Grid Name - or Lookup Grid title
Data table – list of datasets or record tables from where the data will come from
Columns – list of columns from the selected dataset or record table that you want to display in the lookup grid
Editable Columns - this will allow the selected column/s to be editable
Checkbox Label - (optional)

For further configuration, you need to filter the column/s you selected and define the following:​

DDM Columns - list of selected columns in the Columns field
Condition – Equal, Greater than, Less than, Greater than or Equal to, Less than or Equal to, Not Equal to
Form Controls – contains the field/s in the form where you want the data defined in the DDM Columns to appear.

Save your work once done and see its web preview to test it out. Then, do the followng:
Click the Search field in the form.
Type the data you want to search from the lookup grid.
After typing the data, click the search button beside the lookup grid title. Clicking the search button will filter the list inside the lookup grid.


Enabling the Has Totals function on your field that accepts Number as its input allows its value to be added alongside other Number fields. This can help you automate calculation that requires the total value of all fields that need to be computed.


Create a dataset or record that has a field where in the Input type is set to as Number.

Example: Product Information Table
Product Name (Input Type: Text)
Price (Input Type: Number)

Follow the configuration steps above. This time, enable the Has Totals function and click on Add Configuration.

DDM Column - contains the column/s from the dataset or record that has Number as input type.
Form Control - contains field/s in the form where you want to generate the total from the selected DDM Column.


Step 1: Tick the checkbox of the fields you want to compute.
Step 2: Click Generate Totals, and the total value of the fields you selected in the table will appear in the Total field.

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Updated on: 17/08/2021

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