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Process Table

Last Updated: July 7, 2021

A Process Table is a type of table that calls data from other Workflows, to display as part of your form.


Step 1: Add a column which will serve as the search field. You can use any of the form elements for the base of the column. Let us use the Text Field element for example and drag it inside the column.
Step 2: Provide the details for its configuration properties (Field ID, Placeholder, Input Type).
Step 3: Click on Process Table.

You will see a gear icon located at the right part of the process grid. Click it and configure the following properties:

Process Grid Name - Name of the process table as it appears on your form
Category - The category of the workflow you want to call data from
Board - Name of the workflow you will use for reference
Lanes - Location of the case in a process
Form Controls - Contains the fields from the workflow you will call data from

ADD FILTER (This is where you will filter the table based on the data that you will enter in your text field.)

Ticket Controls - Contains the searchable fields from the Form Controls above.
Form Controls - Serves as the search column for the data that we will call in the Ticket Controls. For this, we will use the column that we added beforehand.

Click Ok to save the configuration you made and try to test it out in the Web Preview. To filter, use the Search field to to look up for the data you want to reflect in the list. Then click on the Filter button to show the list of corresponding data in the table.

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Updated on: 28/07/2021

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