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Last Updated: December 16, 2021

On QuickReach, a Validation is a form configuration that allows you to specify the only valid input on a certain field. Configuring a validation has a variety of options where you can choose from, and each validation can be applied to different form elements. To learn more about validations and elements where they are applicable to, please refer to the table below.

How to Configure a Validation

Before we can configure the validation feature, the first requirement is to add column/s in the form builder. For this example, we added two columns with Text Field element: Applicant Name and Age. Now that the first requirement is set, let us begin configuring the validation by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click on Age column. A pop-up will appear for the configuration properties of the column. Take note that it is always up to you which columns you want to add validation to, depending on the form you are going to create.
Step 2: Go to the Validations tab and click on Add Validation.
Step 3: Configure the following fields:

Validation: Please refer to the table above. For this, let us use Greater than or equal to validation.
Origin: Contains From Form and Input parameters. From form lets a user select from the form field controls while Input lets a user define a specific value. For this, let us select Input with a value of 21.
Validation Message: This is to add a remark of what should be the accurate data that you need to provide in a field. For this, let us add the Applicant must be at least 21 years of age. message.

The configuration we made indicates that the value that must be entered in the Age field should be greater than or equal to 21 .

Save your work and publish the workflow. After publishing the workflow, let us now create a request.

The first value that we entered in the Age field is 20. Since we did not meet the requirement for this field which should be greater than or equal to 21, as defined in the configuration, the validation message appears.

The second value that we entered is 21. Since we met the requirement for this field which is greater than or equal to 21, as defined in the configuration, the ticket was submitted successfully.

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Updated on: 16/12/2021

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