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Global Search

Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Global Search

On QuickReach, the Global Search component configuration allows a user to call data from an external dataset or an existing Record app. Using configuring Global Search on your form fields can make Text Fields call data from an external dataset and have them as an input to our fields.

You may set up the Global Search configuration in these form elements:
Text Field


Before we can configure a Global Search, we need to create at least two tables to call data from.

Product Information
Delivery Information

Based on the images above, we have Records for for Product Information and Delivery Information.
The Product Information is composed of the following columns: Product Name, Price, Delivery Address.
The Delivery Information, is composed of the following: Delivery Address, Courier, Mobile Number.
Take note that that both tables have Delivery Address column. This is meant to extend the returned data from the Search/Filter element.

Once you are done with the tables, let us now proceed to create a form.

Step 1: The first row is composed of the following columns from the Delivery Information table:

Product Name (Search/Filter)
Price (Text Field)
Delivery Address (Text Field)

Step 2: Next, add another row with two columns to call data from the Delivery Information:

Courier (Text Field)
Mobile Number (Text Field)

Step 3: To set up the Global Search, we will configure the column that both tables have in common, which is the Delivery Address. Click the Delivery Address column and go to the Global Search tab.

Dataset: the table used to extend the search of data (Delivery Information)
Searchable Column: the data which will be shown as choices as they appear in the form (Delivery Address)
Returned Columns: the data which will be called based on the searchable column (Courier, Mobile Number)


The DDM Column contains data from the selected returned columns, while the Form Control contains the fields in the form builder, where the data called from the table will appear.

Delivery Address: Delivery Address

Based on the configuration we made, we used the Search/Filter element in the Product Name, and will return the data for its Price and Delivery Address. To also show the corresponding data of the courier assigned to deliver the specified product, we extended the search in the Delivery Address since this is the column which both tables have.

Preview 1
Preview 2

In the first preview, you will notice that no data were returned in the courier and mobile number fields, while there are data shown in the second preview. It is because the search was extended through same exact delivery address that both tables have.

Global Search configuration vs. Search/Filter element

In theory, Global Search works similarly with the Search/Filter element as both call data from external datasets and return them to fields that you map out in the process. However, there are some differences that sets them apart from each other.

Here are some similarities and differences between Global Search and Search/Filter so you can better decide which to apply to your columns in your Form Builder:

Search/Filter element vs. Global Search configuration

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Updated on: 16/12/2021

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