Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Even if records belong to different solutions or were not assigned in a solution, Steer made it possible for you to add relationships among them. To do this, we need to have at least two records. For this example, let us first create a Regional Designation record and add two columns (Region, Regional Center) in the form builder.

Afterwards, set who has the right to access this record and publish the record. Once the record is published, add some data to it.

After adding data in the first record, let us now proceed to create a new record. For this let us simply create a basic Employee Information record and add four columns (EmployeeName, Age, Address, Region) in the form builder. Same with the first record we created, this record also contains a Region column. This column is what we will use to refer data from the Regional Designation record.

Click on the Region column and tick the box for Use External Dataset. In the Dataset field, select the Regional Designation table. Next, select Region for both Value and Display columns (it always depends on you which columns you want to call for the value and display columns.)

ⓘ NOTE: Always use the Dropdown form element for the fields that you will use to refer from other record apps.

After configuring the Region column, check out its web preview to see how it appears in the form. The Region field will display all the data from the Regional Designation record.

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