Last Updated: June 28, 2021

Before you proceed with the steps below, make sure that you have Builder access.

Adding data to a Record
To add a data in a record, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the Solution list, expand any Solution and click on a Record that you want to add data to. This will direct you to the main page of the Record app.

Select a Record from the Solution dashboard

Step 2: Click on Add Data button and manually fill-up the form.

Bulk Upload or Importing an Excel file (.xlsx) to Steer
You can also choose Import for bulk upload of data. Take note that when importing a file, make sure that the columns in your file match the fields in the system, or else the file will be invalid.

For example, if the Field IDs in your Record App contain Name, EmailAddress, Gender, Address, BirthDate, TelephoneNumber, CellphoneNumber, the columns in your Excel file should also contain the same Field ID columns (as shown below). Afterwards, it is up to you if you want to add another record (Submit & New) or simply exit from the window (Submit & Exit). You can also export the record details if you want to generate a file for other purposes.

Field ID Names must match from your Record App

Note: The id column in the Excel file is a unique code generated by QuickReach to each Record item. If you are importing a data from an Excel file, make sure that the id column is empty but also make sure NOT to delete the field ID name.

Adding Data in a Record via Mobile
Bulk Edit and Deletion of Records
Adding Relationships Among Records

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