Last Updated: July 14, 2021

The Record App lets you submit records where its data can be used to build a relationship in another record app, or even in a workflow app. Building a record app provides you a drag-and-drop interface form builder, which makes it easier for you to design your form. It also allows you to set different permissions for each user you will grant access to in a record.

There are two parts to build and design a Record App. Click each link for more details:

1. Form Builder

After filing-out the form details, you will be directed to the Form Builder where you will build the interface of your form. Inside the Form Builder, you will see the Toolbox at the left side of your screen where you can add various form elements such as text fields, dropdowns, and radio buttons, and a single section.

2. Access Settings

After building the interface is the access settings, where you can set how you want each of your users to manipulate the records. You can begin by selecting the type of users you want to give access to the records interface. Once you have selected the users for this record, begin assigning permissions such as Create, Read, Edit, Delete, View Reports, Configure Reports and Record Admin. After granting permissions to the users, save your work and proceed to design your reports.

Getting Started in Creating Your Record App

Step 1: From the Sidebar, click on Solutions. You will be redirected to the Solutions page where you can see all the solutions that you have built.

Step 2: Search for the solution where you want to add a new record. You can also sort your solutions.

Step 3: Click on the ⚙ icon of the solution.

Step 4: A popup will appear listing down the workflow and record apps that are a part of the solution. You can search and select an existing record app to add to this solution, or click on Add New Workflow or Record to create a new record app for this solution.

Start From Scratch: This will direct you to a blank form builder. After selecting this option, the next thing that you have to do is to select Record as your app, then fill-up the Form Details.
Use Template: This will direct you to a form builder with pre-defined fields. Same with Start From Scratch option, you have to select Record as your app after selecting this option. Next, a list of templates will appear where you have to select and download a template that you wish to use. Lastly, fill-up the Form Details

Step 5: Fill-up the Form Details. The form details are composed of the following fields:

Record Name: This will become the name of your record app as it appears on web and mobile
Category: Composed of the departments where you will assign your app
Solutions: A collection of workflow and record apps for a single purpose
Description: To give the users an idea of what the record app is about (optional)
Tags: Tags are a way to organize and categorize your record apps when searching for them (optional)
Filtered by Creator: will let you see the entries only you submitted
Filtered by Owner: through automation action, you can set a recordOwnerID to specify that only the record owner will see the record app

After filling-up the form details, you will be redirected to the Form Builder. You can also create a workflow app via the Solution Builder.

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