Last Updated: February 03, 2021

To edit or delete a single record, you just have to click the icon with three buttons under the Action Lane.

Currently, Steer has no Select All feature where you can select all the items to delete. But if you want to delete multiple records, you just have to tick the checkbox of the records you want to delete, and click on Delete Selected Items.

If by chance you need to edit multiple records, here's a trick that you can do:

Step 1: Export the record. The data will be downloaded into .CSV file.
Step 2: From the downloaded file, work on the data that you need to edit, then save.
Step 3: Delete all the records in the table. However, do note that before deleting records, check if there are duplicate data. The system recognizes duplicate records, and only allow unique contents in a row to be downloaded. For example, if two rows have both Melissa Perez as value in the Employee Name column, the system will only download the first entry who has Melissa Perez as value in the Employee Name.
Step 4: After deleting the records in the table, import the file where you made changes.

Adding Data in a Record
Adding Data in a Record via Mobile

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