Last Updated: July 16, 2021

The Solution Builder lets you set-up a collection of workflow apps, record apps, and data tables that are grouped for a single purpose in one go. For example, an HR Leave Management Solution would comprise of an Employee List record app, Leave Balance data table, and a Leave Approval workflow app. Take note that only Admins and Builders can build a solution.

Before creating a Solution, you must first know that you are either an Admin or a Builder. You can check your user type on your sidebar.
If you're an Admin: Switch to the Builder view on your sidebar to access the Solution Builder.
If you're a Builder: You can immediately access the Create button at the top or beside the Search bar on your dashboard.

The are two ways on how you can set up a solution:

Use Template: Composed of ready-made collection of apps that you can easily adjust to suit your organization's needs.
Start From Scratch: Lets you design a custom collection of records and workflow apps from a scratch.

Solution Management

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