Last Updated: February 17, 2021

To set-up a solution from scratch, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the dashboard, click on Create button and select Start From Scratch.

Step 2: Fill-out the following fields for the Information Setup:

Name: We recommend that you give your solution a short name that is easy to remember.
Category: You can select any category for your solution. Selecting a category will help you filter through your publish solutions.
Description: Adding a description is optional, but it helps your user learn what the solution is for and how to use it.
Tags: This is also optional. Tags are words or phrases which can describe your solution. This can make searching for your solution easier and more accurate.
Records: You can create a new record from scratch, or select records from Published Workflows or from Existing Templates to add in the solution.
Workflows: You can create a new workflow from scratch, or select records from Existing Templates to add in the solution.

Create or Add Record

Create or Add Workflow

Step 3: Click on Proceed to successfully build the solution.

You can find all the solutions you created in the Solutions Management.

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