Last Updated: November 26, 2021

The Admin

Among QuickReach's three user types, the Admin Role focuses on managing access to user and group profiles.

Admin Dashboard

As an Admin, you have full access to the following:

Company Profile - Displays an overview of the company's basic information, including subscription details.
User Management - Shows the list of all users in your organization, as well as each user's basic information.
Group Management - Allows the Admin to create and update groups in your organization
Access Settings - Shows permission and privilege status of each user, allowing the Admin to update user access appropriately.
Master Data Table - Allows the Admin to create and manage datasets and records in the platform.
Subscription Management - Shows the account's Subscription Settings, such as subscription status, statistics, and payment history.

The Admin has improved UI navigation that centers on user monitoring, such as managing user license, access, and privileges. This enables Admins to focus on giving appropriate access and permissions to individual users and groups within the platform.

Admin Access Settings page

Admin User Management page

With this, users with Admin roles have control over which users can build solutions and automation processes, as well as those who can access records. The Admin can also create master lists and tables that can be used as references for each user in the organization, allowing them to have total visibility on each account in the platform.

The Admin as Builder and Internal User

By default, Admins can also be Builders, allowing them to create Solutions, Workflows, and Records that the organizations can use for each of their processes. Additionally, Admins also have a User / Internal User View

Builder and Internal User View Option from Admin User

In summary, the Admin role in QuickReach can manage all individual and group accounts in the platform. The Admin can also create Solutions by switching to Builder view, as well as submit and approve cases by switching to Internal User view.

User Type: Builder
User Type: User / Internal User

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