Last Updated: December 1, 2021

This method allows you to add a line of data to record or dataset with another record using a data table with the Add to Dataset or Records automation action.

1 Record App
1 Workflow App with a Data Grid (configured to one of the included record apps)

Scenario: How the Automation works

Setup: The workflow app has a form with a Data Table that is mapped similarly to the selected Record App. Then, on the Automation layer of the Workflow's Process Designer, the Add to Dataset or Record automation action is selected and the selected Record App is mapped into the configuration.

Outcome: Upon the Submission of the case, the added value in form's data table will now be added to the selected Record App.

Sample automation configuration
In this tutorial, we will use the Add to Dataset or Records automation action to update the details of the Employee Master List Record using a Data Table.

Setting up the prerequisites:
Step 1 - Create a new Solution and the Record App: Create or select the record app where you would want to add data.
Step 2 - Create a Workflow and add a Data Table: Create a Workflow App and add a Data Table with the same fields as with the record you created or selected from Step 1.

Record Field IDs

Once done, click Ok and proceed to the Process Designer.

Setting up the automation:

Step 3 - Configure the Automation Layer :
In the Process Designer, add an action in the automation layer and click it to open the Action Configuration sidebar and click on Add Automation.

Create a name for your automation rule. Then, proceed to configure the automation layer. First, select the rule trigger for the automation. For this tutorial, let's select On Ticket Approved.

Then, configure the automation layer using these settings:

RULES: These settings will allow Steer to locate the input from the reference field and activate the automation.
Property Origin: Input - a
Condition: Equals (=)
Operand Origin: Input - a

Then, click Save Rule

ACTION 1: These settings tells the automation what to do. In this case, we are telling the automation action to update the Employee Master List Record using the input received from the reference field.
Actions: Add to Dataset or Records
Record: Employee Master List

DATA TABLE MAPPING: These settings will allow the automation locate for the data in the chosen record in Action 1 and add data to it using the input from the data table.

Field Mapping Settings: This will be the field where the automation will call data from.
Form Property: (TITLE OF DATA TABLE) Add New Employee
Record Column: (COLUMN FROM DATA TABLE) EmployeeID

Then map all remaining fields accordingly by applying the Field Mapping Settings above.

CONDITION: Set to If all rules are true, then execute action.

Once done, click Continue to save the automation.
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