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In order to use this action, you need to have a 3rd Party Access connected to Steer. Currently the supported 3rd Party Application in Steer is XERO.

Login: https://login.xer`

HOW TO ADD CONNECTION (Applicable only to Admin)

Step 1: Click the dropdown button beside your Profile Name.
Step 2: Go to Third Party Access and create app connection by clicking the (+) plus button from the page.
Step 3: Type your preferred Name of connection and choose the available 3rd party application to link to Steer, then click Link Your Account. You will be asked to login to your Xero account, and a window will open prompting you to authorize Steer to perform actions on your behalf, such as getting your contacts and creating an invoice draft.
Step 4: Click Allow access to continue.



- On Status Assigned


- RULES (Configure your own rules)
- ACTION (Call an External API)

Choose Method of Authentication:

No Auth
Basic Auth
OAuth 2
Personal Token
Existing Connection

For the Authentication Method, you can use the Existing Connection to call the supported 3rd party app that is connected to Steer. Then select from the supported API action that you want to use.

Create Invoice – An external API call to be used to fill out the external properties and send to the 3rd party application for processing.
Get Invoice – An external API call to be used to get an invoice details from your Xero Account then it will be transferred to your form.


The Create Invoice action requires a list of Invoice details defined in its schema to be passed on Xero’s API. We need to match the form fields of our process to the details required by mapping the controls to the external properties.

Click the External Mapping tab and match the controls from our form to the properties required in Xero.

To pass the details of our data table as the line items of the invoice, select the Data Table Mapping tab and match all the controls on our table to the properties required.

Click Continue to save the automation rule and save the form.

Sample ticket

Invoice in Xero


The get Invoice action returns an invoice with a list of Invoice properties defined in its schema to be mapped to the ticket. We need to match our external properties to the form controls through the External mapping.

Click the External Mapping tab and match the controls on our form to the external properties.

Sample ticket

Invoice in Xero

Send a ticket with the specified Xero ID. You can use the Invoice ID or the Invoice Number.

After the ticket was submitted, the blank fields in the ticket will be automatically populated when you view it in the Tickets list.

Configuring the Automation Layer

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