Last Updated: March 18, 2021

To create a data table, expand the Admin sidebar to see the Master Table tab. It will direct you to the Datasets page. From there, click on Add Dataset and a window will pop-up where you can start creating a dataset.

When creating a dataset, you can begin by adding your preferred number of columns. Afterwards, click each column to configure their properties such as Field Name and Place Holder for when editors select the column when designing their forms. Specify the data type, and then save. Repeat as needed when adding more columns. You can also set a column in many ways:

Is Unique: This means that the information in this column is a unique identifier (similar to MS Access) which the system can use as a reference when specified in a form.
Has Lookup: It displays the value of a specific record in a column that you want to look up.
Required: The information in this column is necessary to be filled up before you can proceed to the next step.
Sortable: To arrange or organize the records in an alphabetical manner (A-Z or Z-A).
Searchable: To easily find the specific records you are looking for even just by typing keywords.

Save your work once done and a new pop-up window will appear to set the name for your dataset. Afterwards, you can go to the dataset you created by searching its dataset name using the search bar. Then add data to the dataset as much as needed.

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