Last Updated: February 05, 2021


- An existing table with data

Building a system table is applicable to accounts with Admin access. It can be used to form controls which can look up data in a master table or records. If you are the administrator in your organization, expand the dropdown beside your name and go to the Master Table, then add a new dataset. Follow the steps below afterwards:

Step 1: Enable Has Lookup button.
Step 2: Select Data Source in the Key Configuration.
Step 3: Select System Tables in the Data Source.

After selecting System Tables, you have to define its following configurations:

Table Name: The table you will use for reference
Key Column: Always select the unique identifier (ID) for this
Display Column: You can select what would be easy for you to identify the user

Save the dataset and set a name for your table. Afterwards, go to the dataset you just created. You will notice a search filter which displays the data from the table you defined in the System Tables.

Creating a Dataset

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