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Workflow App: Table of Contents

Last Updated: October 29, 2021


Overview: Workflow App


Workflow App: Form Builder
2.1. Create a Form from Scratch
2.2. Create a Form Using a Template
2.3. Setting Up a Header and Footer
2.4. Default vs System Form Elements
2.4.1. Text Field and Text Area Elements
2.4.2. File Upload and Signature Elements
2.4.3. Dropdown, Radio Button and Checkbox Elements
2.4.3a. Configuring the Formula Builder Using Label, Dropdown and Radio Button Elements
2.4.3b. Configuring the Formula Builder Using Label and Text Field Elements
2.4.4. Scanner and Geolocation Elements
2.4.5. Configuring Search and Filter Element
2.4.6. Cascading Element
2.4.7. NFC and Color Picker Elements
2.5. Condition
2.6. Validation
2.7. Global Search
2.8. Grids
2.8.1. Table/Data Grid
2.8.2. Reference Table/Lookup Grid
2.8.3. Process Table


Workflow App: Process Flow
3.1. Setting Up SLA
3.2. Configuring a Work Scheduler
3.3. Configuring the Task List App for Work Scheduler
3.4. Configuring On the Fly Assignment


Workflow App: User Settings
4.1 Configuring Parallel Assignment


Viewing Workflow Details
5.1. Show Workflow Details
5.2. Export Workflow Details
5.3. Save as New Workflow
5.4. Edit Access Settings

Updated on: 29/10/2021

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