Last Updated: February 16, 2021

Characteristics of No-Code
No-Code, or No-Code application development, has been gaining popularity, especially with the rise of newer technologies and evolving ways of doing business. But what is No-Code, and how can it accelerate digital transformation?

No-Code is defined by Forrester Research as:

Application development platforms that enable rapid application delivery with no coding, and quick set up and deployment

This means that no-code application platforms are tools to develop record or workflow apps visually, without the need for coding knowledge or experience.

A No-Code app development platform has the following characteristics:

Visual Development: A no-code platform has an interactive UI development environment where citizen developers can easily design software via drag-and-drop elements that would be compatible with any device resolution.

Instant Deployment: In a no- code platform, deploying an app is as easy as publishing a blog post. In near real-time, all devices connected to the platform's organization account will receive the latest app.

Simple Integrations: A no-code platform would have an interface with which different systems can connect to easily. With just a few fields to fill in, no-code platforms can define which information to receive or send to any system citizen developers want to connect with.

Reusability: No-code platforms have ready templates which can be easily customized for any organization's needs. Citizen developers can also reuse previous apps to build

Security and Scalability: Since no-code platforms reside on cloud, all security and infrastructure needs are handled by the cloud providers and the developers of the platform. Any security enhancements that they make are immediately applied to all the apps that you have created.

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