Last Updated: March 18, 2021

To view details of a global report, go to the Global Reports tab located at the left side of the screen and it will show the list of published Reports.

When you click the "👁" eye button, it will show you the report's preview. If the report already has data submitted from the workflow used, it will also show the corresponding data in the table.

Date Range lets you choose a range of date you want to show in the report.
Export lets you download the report's data into a .xlsx file.
Filter lets you define the specific data you want to search for in the report. It is composed of the following fields:

- Field Name
- Operator (Equals, Includes, Starts with)
- Value

For example, based on the image above, all data under the First Name column which includes letter 'A' in their name, will be filtered out in the report.

When you click the download button beside the eye button, it will let you choose a range of date you want to include in the report before exporting it into .xlsx file.

When you click this "⋮" button beside the download button, it will show you options where you can edit or re-design the report, delete the report, or edit the user settings.

Overview: Reports

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