Last Updated: July 12, 2021

The Builder

The Builder type is capable of creating Solutions that can be used by each user in the organization. Builders are often assigned to those who are responsible in creating necessary Workflow and Record apps, as well as Automation processes that can help you improve your workflow. However, only the Admin can grant Builder privilege to normal users.

Builder Dashboard

These are the following pages that you can access as Builder:

Solutions - Shows the Solutions page where you can see the list of published Solutions. You can also create Solutions, Workflows, and Records from this page.
Reports - Access, manage, publish, and create reports and data models based on existing datasets published by your organization.
Automation - Manage existing and create new automation processes that can be used by users in your organization.
Third Party Integration - Link your solutions to third-party APIs to improve your workflow processes.
Customer Access Tools - Add your forms to websites and social platforms via installing a widget, embedding your page, etc.
Notification Management - Create, manage, and send custom notifications to other users in your organization.

Unlike the Admin user, the Builder can only have two view options: Builder and Internal User. Aside from creating Solutions and Automation processes, Builders can set access permissions to other users for workflow-related apps but cannot set global access settings and manage licenses.

User Type: Admin
User Type: User / Internal User

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