Last Updated: June 30, 2022

The structure of a work plan may vary depending on the company standards and it may not even follow the format for a Gantt chart similar with common project management software available today.

On Steer, you can integrate your work plan from the Excel sheet format and you only need to have the following data to merge your project plan:
Phases of your project and breakdown of individual tasks.
Schedule of each task, particularly the Start and End Date of each task.
(Optional) The name of each person involved in the task and their respective roles. This can also be done when you start to update the work plan.

Once you go to the Project Work Plan, this is how the page will look like:

Uploading your Work Plan to the Gantt chart using MS Excel:

Click on Import on the top-right corner of the page. This allows you to download a template where you can copy and paste your project plan and timeline.
A popup window will appear. Select MS Excel. This will automatically download the Excel file template on .xls format.

Open the Excel template. You will see the following columns:

Note: The first editable row of this sheet corresponds to the second row in the Work Plan Gantt Chart

Name - The name of the task in your project plan.
Code - The type of task. Can be left blank and select directly from the Gantt chart.
Description/Notes - What the task is about.
Status - The status of the task.

Here are the statuses that you can apply to your sheet:

If the column is left empty, the status will be STATUS_UNDEFINED once uploaded to the Work Plan.

Start Date - The task's start date
Date and time format is: yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ssam/pm (e.g. 2021/09/07 2:40:31pm)
Military format of time is also accepted. (e.g. 2021/09/07 14:40:31)

End Date - The task's end date. Same date and time format above applies.
Duration - The duration of tasks in number of days (e.g. 21)
Assignments - The resource/person assigned to the task.
Predecessors - Task dependency row number. Insert the row number of the task where this current task is dependent to.
Level - The hierarchy of task. Input numbers from 1 onwards, where 1 is the parent task of level 2 tasks and so on.

Fill out the columns based on your project plan or timeline. Once done, you may have an Excel sheet similar to this:

Go back to the Gantt chart page and click Import Excel at the top-right corner of the page.
A popup window will appear and select Upload Filled up Template.
Select the Excel file (.xls) that contains your project plan for import and select Open* to upload it.
You should now see your project tasks listed on the Gantt chart.

Next Step: Updating the Work Plan
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