Last Updated: February 11, 2021

When building a form, you can also add a table where users can keep adding entries in multiple rows. For now, you can only create one table per form. To add a table, expand the (˅) down arrowhead at the bottom of a section, then select Table. You can add up to six columns and use different form elements in each column, then configure each column's properties accordingly. Let us create a table for Leave Details as an example composing of the following fields: Leave Type (Dropdown), Start Date (Text Field, Text), Length of Leave (Text Field, Text), and Reason (Text Area).

Once you are done configuring your table, you might as well check out its web preview to test out how it actually works. You might need to recall information in your system while filling out a form. The Data Grid can pre-fill some fields depending on who logged in. You can then add more data entries as needed.

ⓘ NOTE: Mobile Preview - coming soon!


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