Last Updated: July 25, 2022

Setup Overview

Steer Setup Process

1. Project Admin Setup
Providing Access
Set user access and permission to access the Steer Projects module where you can view, manage, and access the modules that you need.

Project Creation
Learn how to create and set up your construction project on Steer.

2. Modules
Fit-Out Contractors can use the following modules to initiate task inspections

Design Management
Change Order

Quality and Safety
Conduct immediate inspection with increasing turnaround times in updating tasks and performing rework or additional work if necessary.

3. Dashboard
Punchlist Progress Monitoring

Track the Punchlist progress at-a-glance using the Steer dashboard.

4. Setup
Record Mapping
Mapping out your data to Steer records is as easy as adding the relevant data into their respective fields on the Steer record. You may learn how to add your data to a record or import your excel sheet into steer here.

Upload your drawings on the Steer Drawings tab, allowing you to keep all personnel involved with the project aligned with the current changes and notes regarding the drawings being used.

Here is how you can upload your drawings on Steer.

Change Order Initiator
The Change Order Initiator Record lists down all person types who are the possible origin of the change order request.

Change Order Reason
The Change Order Reason Record lists down all the possible reason of the change order coming from the initiator.

Project Materials (only if material is needed. Refer to Site Materials for breakdown)
The Project Materials Record Group is a combination of the Project Materials Master record and the Inventory record group. These are used to quantify the requested materials and their respective costs that may come from a change order request or design clarification.

Check the Project Material Records here: Inventory Record Group, Project Materials Master, and CBS WP Mapping.

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