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Steer Setup for Developers
For Developers and Owners, Steer can be set up to emphasize project progress tracking and reporting, as well as task creation and inspection.

Setup Overview

Steer Setup Process

1. Project Admin Setup
Providing Access
Set user access and permission to access the Steer Projects module where you can view, manage, and access the modules that you need.

Project Creation (for Steer modules)
Learn how to create and set up your construction project on Steer.

2. Modules
Developers can utilize the following Solutions to manage tasks and ensure that each job done is kept to the highest quality and standards:

Quality and Safety
Conduct the inspection of accomplished tasks by the contractors to determine the quality of work and check if the task passes, fails, or needs additional work via punch list.

Design Management
Initiate change orders and send design clarifications to an ongoing project.

3. Dashboard

Progress Monitoring
See the at-a-glance progress report and insights from the Steer Project dashboard.

Business KPIs
Business KPIs are automatically computed and pulled from the populated records and Gantt chart schedule to show progress completion, Schedule and Cost Performance Indices.

4. Record Mapping
How to Map Records on Steer
Mapping out your data to Steer records is as easy as adding the relevant data into their respective fields on the Steer record. You may learn how to add your data to a record or import your excel sheet into steer here.

To setup your Quality and Safety records, map these records in the following order:

For Inspection and Punchlisting:
Task Category
Category ID
Category Name

For Task Management
This record lists all available resources for the project, as well as their personal details.

Resource ID
Resource Name
Mobile Number
ID Picture

Task Type
The Task Type record refers to the origin of the task. This record is used by the Quality and Safety workflows to specify the origin of a task when creating a request.

Task Type

Task Category
The Task Category record adds another layer of filter to the tasks in the project.

Category ID
Category Name

5. Gantt Chart (for Punchlists, Task Inspection, and Change Order)
The Gantt chart is where you will import your project schedule. This Gantt chart is used to track the progress of each task and where the Contractor marks a task as complete and the Developer's QA Inspector may inspect the completed task.

To set up the Gantt chart, read this guide.

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