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Steer Setup for Contractors
For Contractors or Builders, setting up Steer focuses highly on task, inventory, and resource data to carry out the digitalization of managing your materials and tasks on the project site.

Setup Overview
Contractors must set up their Steer instance to prepare the groundwork of the system for the required personnel involved in the project. This means setting up the Steer Project user access to preserve and secure the project data integrity, as well as importing your project data to Steer to digitalize the operation process via the Site Materials module.

Steer Setup Process

1. Project Admin Setup
Providing Access
Set user access and permission to access the Steer Projects module where you can view, manage, and access the modules that you need.

Project Creation (for Steer modules)
Learn how to create and set up your construction project on Steer.

2. Module
Contractors can maximize handling and request of materials and equipment using the following modules:

Site Materials
Carry out the management of materials such as, requesting materials from the warehouse, purchasing of materials, and releasing the materials to the site. This also covers the inventory stock count and materials return process to maintain the material records updated and traceable with great accuracy.

Learn mode about Site Materials Management here.

3. Record Mapping
How to Map Records on Steer
Mapping out your data to Steer records is as easy as adding the relevant data into their respective fields on the Steer record. You may learn how to add your data to a record or import your excel sheet into steer here.

To setup your Site Materials Management records, map these records in the following order:

The inventory record group contains interrelated records that make up your whole inventory database on Steer. This includes the Inventory Master record with supporting or auxiliary setup records to create a cohesive data system for your inventory information. These information are used from the requesting of materials up to their releasing to the project site.

View the Inventory Record Group here.

Project Materials Master
The Project Materials Master record contains all project-specific information about each material being used. The main source of this master record is the Bill of Materials where every material is allocated to each project task. This record is used to track the quantity of materials from the planned and actual usage as well as the task where each material is allocated to.

Task GroupThe task group name where the material is allocated
Task CategoryAdditional category filter for the material
Task IDThe task ID found on the Bill of Materials
Task NameThe specific task name where the material is allocated for use
Task DescriptionBrief task description if needed
Material CodeMaterial code found of the Bill of Materials
Material NameThe name of the material along with specifications if needed
Planned QuantityThe material's planned quantity
Billed QuantityThe planned budget for the overall planned material quantity
Unit of MeasureThe unit of measure used for the material's single unit
CostThe material's cost per unit
Total CostThe total cost based on the Actual Quantity Used
Actual Quantity UsedThe actual quantity released to the site that have been used
Origin IDOrigin task of the material if it is requested for a specific task before the plan
StatusThe project material's status
Project IDThe project ID where the material is allocated to
Project NameThe project name where the material is allocated to

CBS WP Mapping
The CBS WP Mapping refers to the cost breakdown structure of every work package present in the project. This record separates each work package according to their cost as a reference for billing the Developer after accomplishing the said work package.

TaskWork Package task name
Work PackageSpecific work package name
CBSCost breakdown structure related to the work package
Cost AmountOverall cost of the work package

Once all the mentioned records above are populated accordingly, you may start testing the Materials Request workflow.

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