Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Steer is a construction project management application built on top of the QuickReach no-code platform. Steer is designed to provide time and cost-effective solutions to managing the pre- to post-construction stages of a project.

Steer Projects Module
Steer Project for Contractors
Steer Projects give contractors the overall control of project management from requesting and coordinating material logistics, individual task progress reporting and inspection, as well as resource and inventory management.

What Steer offers:
Steer solution suite that includes materials and design management, to labor and equipment handling
Solution Sidebar
Project and task scheduling via the Work Plan Gantt chart
Project task schedule: Gantt chart
Document repository for drawings, BOM, and material catalog
Design Plan

On the Dashboard, you can:

View the basic information about the project, such as its Status, Start and End Date, Client, and Project Type.
Post updates and announcements via the Activity Feed.
See the project's overall progress and costs, as well as on-site weather conditions.
See the Business KPIs.

The Project Sidebar can also help you navigate to different Steer features:
Design Plan - Upload drawings of floor plans and submit Change Order, Punch List, and Design Clarification requests.
Gantt chart - Upload your project plan, schedule tasks, and monitor project progress via the Gantt chart timeline
BIM Viewer - View and interact with your project's 3D model.
Reports - Consolidate various datasets and create data models from different Records
Steer Solutions - Access materials management, labor and equipment, and design management workflows

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