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The Gantt chart is the project management monitoring module of Steer where you can update and monitor all tasks under specific work packages. Create, edit, and update tasks as necessary and keep your project timeline accurately as they happen on site.

With the Gantt chart, you can:
insert, edit, and delete tasks
upload your entire project timeline and group each individual tasks
organize work packages accordingly
track the progress of each task
schedule each task as planned and update its details on the fly as the project progresses

You can access the Gantt Chart via the Projects dashboard page.

Project Task Gantt Chart

Parts of the Gantt chart
I. Work Plan Action Tools
Here are the tools that you can use to manage your task details and improve your experience in using the Gantt Chart.

Undo - Undo to last change made
Redo - Move forward one step
Insert Above - Creates a new task above the currently selected
Insert Below - Creates a new task below the currently selected
Unindent Task - Moves the task one level up,
Indent Task - Moves the task one level down
Move Up - Moves the task one line up
Move Down - Moves the task one line down
Delete Task - Delete the selected task
Expand All - Expands all tasks and subtasks under the selected Parent task
Collapse All - Collapses all tasks and subtasks under the selected Parent task
Zoom Out - Zoom out of the Gantt chart timeline
Zoom In - Zoom in to the Gantt chart timeline
Print - Prints all details in the Work Plan Gantt chart
Critical Path - Highlights all important tasks in RED
Timeline View - Shifts the view to timeline only
Split View - Shows the Task list breakdown panel and the Gantt chart
Task View - Shifts the view to Task list only
Full Screen - Puts the Work Plan into full screen mode
Toggle Color - Turns the color on or off for the Gantt chart progress bars
Edit Resources - Opens the Project Team window where you can add names of resources involved in the project
Refresh - Reloads all information in the Work Plan Gant chart
Project Roles – Add/remove/edit roles in the project
Compute KPIs – Reloads all new data from the Gantt into the KPI values in the dashboard
Import– Import a new project file to the Gantt
Export – Export the Gantt to Excel or MS Project file
Baseline – The initial version of the Gantt that references the planned schedule
Save – Save the current state of the Gantt

II. Cost Breakdown Structure

The Cost Breakdown Structure is divided by the following columns
Code - Construction task category based on the Task Category record.
Name - The name of the task.
Start (Date) - The task's start date
End (Date) - The task's end date
Duration - The task duration in days (whole numbers)
% (Progress Percentage) - Percentage in whole numbers
Dependency - The row number of the task is dependent on. This column also accepts lag and lead schedules (where task row number:lag/lead value)
Assignees - The resource/s assigned to the task.

III. Gantt chart timeline
The timeline corresponds to the tasks and their relationship within the context of the project, giving them a visual timeline that lays out the entire scale of project from start to finish.

IV. Linked Modules
These are the following modules on Steer that uses data from the Gantt chart:

Punch List
Change Order

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