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Search and Filter Element

Last Updated: August 5, 2021

Search/Filter Element

The Search/Filter element allows you to do two things simultaneously:
Display data from a column of an external dataset or existing Record app.
Retrieve data from the same external dataset or existing Record app into your Form (similar to autofill).

The Search/Filter element allows ease of data input for users by keeping all related and relevant data aligned. It can be best used for filling up Customer/Employee/Product Names, Work Order/Product Codes, etc., for record-keeping or inventory management.

How to Configure the Search/Filter Element

Step 1: To get started, you need to add a column and drop the Search/Filter element in the container.
Step 2: Then add another columns with Text Field element, which will be used for the configuration of the search/filter element later on.

ⓘ NOTE: You need to configure first the columns with Text Field element before configuring the column with Search/Field element.

Step 3: After configuring the columns with text field element, click next the Search/Filter column to configure its properties:

Dataset: This is the table where the data for the search/filter will come from.
Searchable Column: This will be the search criteria.
Returned Columns: The columns the user wants to retrieve from the dataset using the searchable column as criteria. User can select multiple columns to return.

You can map the selected returned columns to the text field by clicking the add button located at the bottom of Returned Columns. Clicking the add button will allow the user to define the following:

DDM Columns: Dropdown that contains the fields the user selected in the returned columns/the columns from the dataset.
Form Controls: Dropdown that contains the fields in the form where the searched data will appear.

After configuring the Search/Filter column, you can preview it to see how it appears in the form. Click the column with the Search/Filter element. It will show the data from the dataset column, in which you set as the searchable column. Select from the following data it shows. After the user selected a data from the list, the columns with Text Field element will be automatically populated with the mapped return fields.

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Updated on: 09/08/2021

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