Last Updated: February 16, 2021

When a new ticket is assigned to you, you will receive a notification in your app. You can also look at the Worklist from the dashboard to see the tickets that you need to review, or view the the tickets that you need to work on in the Workboard.

The workboard is where you can find the tickets assigned under each process lane. You will find the workboard when you go to the Workflows tab under a Solution or Unassigned folder at the left side of your screen.

Select a process lane where you want to see the list of tickets assigned on it. Click the ticket to review its content. You can select from these actions on how you want to process the ticket: Save Changes, Approve, Reject, Reject and Review, and Print

Save Changes - This applies to the editable fields that the approver edited.
Approve - This will let the ticket move forward to the next step.
Reject - The requestor will receive a type of notification, depending on the configuration process made, if the request has been rejected.
Reject and Review - The approver can send the ticket back to the previous step or to another pre-defined step.

How to Review Tickets Assigned for your Approval through Mobile App?

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