Last Updated: June 7, 2022

Purchase Request Form Outline
UserForm SectionDescription
Purchasing Staff Materials Request DetailsUse the fields to filter the material you are looking for from Task Group down to the Task Name level.
Materials ListThis section pulls items that have a value of greater than 0 in the Purchase Request Quantity from the Work Order Materials record.
Purchasing ManagerApproval DetailsForm section specific to the Purchase Manager to review and include remarks about the purchase order.
Purchasing StaffPO DetailsEncoding of the material from the selected Vendor, PO Number, Unit Cost, and Delivery Date.

Creating a Purchase Order
Once the Purchasing Staff receives a notification on Steer of the materials that need to be purchased, they will create a Purchase Order for the requested materials using the Purchase Request form.

Head to Site Materials module (Project Dashboard > Sidebar > Site Materials) and select Purchase Request.

On the Purchase Request summary page, click on** Create Ticket**. This will open the Purchase Request form.
On the Purchase Request form, you may filter the task where the materials are needed under the Request Details section. Then, click Search under the Material List section to jump to the material/s that you need to request.
Or you can directly go to the Materials List section.
You can select Load More to show more materials in the list, or
Load and Select All to automatically select all materials available in the form.
Tick the checkbox beside the material and enter the quantity that you need to request.

Once done, click on Submit Ticket to create the purchase request.

Next step: Approval and PO Generation
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