Last Updated: July 26, 2022

Approving the Purchase Request
The request shall be routed to the Purchasing Manager to review the details of the purchase request.

On the Steer dashboard, a purchase request for approval will show under Tasks. Click on the Purchase Request item.

PO Request Approver view from the Dashboard
The request shows the item and the quantity being requested.

Purchase Request Approver form
Add a Remarks if needed.
Click the Approve.

PO Generation
The approved Purchase Request will now be forwarded to Purchasing to start the process of canvassing and selecting the Supplier. Then, a Supplier will be selected, and the PO will be encoded and generated, either manually or from an existing ERP/Accounting system.

On the Steer dashboard, the purchase order will show under Tasks. Click on the Purchase Request item.

PO Generation view from the Dashboard
Review the details of the materials and generate the material's PO details outside of Steer.
Click the Approve and forward the request to the PO details encoding step.

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