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Project Admin Setup

Accessing the Project Module

Steer Dashboard Sidebar > User selection > Projects > [Select the name of a project]

Providing Access
Only Admins can provide user access to the Projects module.
Go to:

Steer Dashboard Sidebar > User selection > Admin > Admin sidebar > Access Settings

Under Access Settings, select each user that you want to give Project Module access by checking the Project Admin checkbox on their name.

Creating a New Project
The projects module allows you to monitor several ongoing tasks on Steer. You may create multiple projects under a single Steer instance.
To create a new project, navigate to the Projects module and click on the plus sign (+) beside the Search bar.

1. Project Details

The Project Details section is the first step in creating a project where you need to enter the following:
Image or mockup of the project
Title of the project
Type: Residential or non-residential
Description: A brief information about the project.
Start Date
End Date
Original Budget
Current Budget
Once all required details are complete, click Next.

2. Members
The Members section is where you assign access permission for the users or group of users who can access the project.

Select the Type of users who can access the project. You may choose between the two:
Individuals: select if only specific users can access the project.
Groups: select if a user group (Department, Team, etc.) needs to access the project.

Then, select the users or group (depending on which type you picked) you want to give access to. Click the names to give access. This cannot be changed once you created the project.

3. Select Solutions

Select the Solution that you need to install to the project. Select among the available Steer Construction Solutions:

SolutionSuggested for
Design ManagementFit-Out, Developer
Labor and EquipmentContractor
Quality and SafetyFit-Out, Developer
Site MaterialsContractor

You may also click View Resources to see the list of Workflows and Records available in that Solution.

4. Component Settings
On the Component Settings page, select each record and add users who can access each record. Do this for ever component of the Solution/s you selected from the previous step to finalize the user permissions for your project.

Configuring Workflow User Access Settings
Ensure that the correct users are accessing the forms by reviewing the access settings.

To do this:
Switch to Builder profile using the Steer sidebar. If you do not have Builder access, contact your Steer admin.

Then search for the module (e.g., Site Materials, Quality and Safety, Design Management, etc.) that you need to review its user access.

Select a workflow on the list.

Click on Edit Access.

This pulls up the User Access setting.

Cycle through each Process Steps on the left panel and click the appropriate access for each defined user in the current step.

To select a user, click on the User Type field and select between Group or Individual.

Then select groups or individual users on the next field. Note that only these selected users can access the form of the selected workflow. Also, these users are the assigned requestors or approvers in the selected process step.

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