Last Updated: April 20, 2022

The following prerequisites are needed to ensure that all information such as project tasks, materials, resources, schedule, as well as billing and costs accurately reflects across Steer and on the Work Plan.

Before aligning your BOQ and/or BOM to Steer, make sure that you have prepared the following:

Project file to migrate into Steer
Your project files shall include the project schedule, the tasks needed to be done, and resources needed for the project. These documents will be integrated to your records on Steer to align every information about your project. These are used for Material Requisition, Design Management, Punch List, among other workflows you will use on Steer.

Mapped CBS WP Mapping record
BOQ for Developers / BOM for Contractors
The CBS WP Mapping record divides all work packages that are included in your project. The Bill of Quantities or Bill of Materials is the data source for this record on Steer, which is particularly used for creating the cost breakdown for each work package.
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