Last Updated: January 17, 2022

How to submit a Materials Request form

Actor: Requester

With ongoing construction projects, requesting the required materials for specific tasks can be done digitally. Follow these steps in creating a materials request form and submitting it for approval using Steer.

On the Internal User dashboard, simply click on the Request button and look for the Materials Request form.

Create a subject for your form. Then, you can fill out the form by selecting the appropriate filters available, such as Task Category, Task Group, and Task Name

Once done, under Project Materials section, click Search beside Materials to quickly jump to the materials that you will need for the selected Task.

Click the checkbox beside the materials that you want to request and scroll to the right to go to the Quantity field. You may select and request for more than one type of material in a single request.

Tick the checkbox

Type the amount of materials for request

Once all materials are ready for request, click on Submit Ticket below the form to send the request for Warehouse Approval

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