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Materials Request User Guide

This user guide is for Steer's internal users to learn how the Material Management solution work in practice. This user guide will cover the step-by-step process of Material Management solution template on Steer. You may also check the installation process of this solution template here.

I. Overview
Steer's Material Management solution template improves turnaround times in terms of completing the materials needed for work orders or service requests. This solution template enables manufactures to quickly respond to orders from clients creating a streamlined delivery of information from the Line Leader to the Warehouse Supervisor.

Users of this template can expect predefined records that they can simply fill in to make the process as simple as selecting requested materials and submitting them for approval with just a few clicks. The Material Management solution template can increase your productivity by minimizing the time and manpower effort in completing orders. The entire process covers the submission of the request until the releasing of the materials.

II. Solution Descriptions
The Material Management form needs to retrieve data from the solution template's predefined record apps. The Material Request form calls the work order number from the MRO Work Order record to verify which work orders need the materials being requested.

The record apps included in this solution template can be edited and improved after installation.

The Material Management solution template contains 4 predefined Record Apps
i. MRO Parts and Materials - Contains available materials in the inventory, which may refer to stocks or supplies of all available items in an inventory record or checklist
ii. MRO Meter Reading and Unit of Measure - Contains the units of measurement that may be used to determine the quantity of an item
iii. MRO Work Order - Lists all work orders that need to be completed, including the details of the tasks that need to be accomplished
iv. MRO Work Order Material - Contains records or materials that are required for a certain work order in the MRO Work Order record app

III. Process Description

The Material Management solution process starts with the Line Leader checking the list of work orders and the required materials needed for each task. Then, the Line Leader submits a material request on Steer to the Department Manager who reviews the requests and approves it. Afterwards, the case proceeds to the Warehouse Staff and prepares the materials required. Then, the Warehouse Manager verifies the materials prepared by the Staff for releasing.

IV. The Step-by-Step Process on Steer
This is how the solution templates will work for Actors involved in the process collectively works on the Steer platform:

1. Line Leader - Materials Request
First, the Line Leader checks the Work Order record and verifies that all materials are logged for a work order. Once all information are complete, the Line Leader submits a case on Steer.

Step 1: On the Steer dashboard, log in as an Internal User and file a case by clicking the Request button at the top of the dashboard page.
Step 2: Select the MRO Material Request workflow to access the form's Create Ticket page.

Note: The name of the request forms corresponds to the name of the workflow attached to it. Contact your organization's Steer Builder to check if the MRO Material Management template has been renamed or if the template has not yet been installed. You may also learn more about the MRO Material Management solution template by clicking this link.

Step 3: Then, select the Work Order number that you would like to request materials for, and add the materials that you need for the selected work order.

Step 4: Submit the case.

2. Department Manager - Request Review and Approval
The Department Manager receives the material request and reviews if the request can be completed within the company's budget.

Step 1: After receiving the material request on Steer, review the details of the case in the workflow's workboard.

Step 2: Upon checking the request for feasibility, approve the ticket and advance the request to the Warehouse Staff for preparation.

3. Warehouse Staff - Material Preparation
The Warehouse Staff receives the request and prepares all materials needed for the work order.

Step 1: The Warehouse Staff checks the request and prepares all materials required.
Step 2: Then, go to the workflow's workboard. On the left panel, under Task List, select Materials Preparation to view the case that needs to be checked.

Step 4: Then, log all materials that have been prepared according to the work order.

Step 3: Once all materials are completed, submit the case to the Warehouse Supervisor.

4. Warehouse Supervisor - Material Releasing
The Warehouse Supervisor checks all details of the material request to verify that all materials are prepared, including other details such as quantity and items laid out on the request.

Step 1: The Warehouse Supervisor checks the case submitted by the Warehouse Staff on Steer by going to the workflow's workboard.
Step 2: Afterwards, check all materials that were prepared by the Warehouse Staff and verify if all items listed are prepared. On the left panel, under Task List, select Materials Releasing to view the case that needs to be checked.

Step 3: Confirm the release date of the materials.

Step 4: Once all materials are prepared accordingly, approve the case request and releases the materials.

MRO Material Management

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